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Centra Leasing, Inc. provides equipment vendors with credit programs that increase sales. Centra offers convenient funding solutions for finance agreements, equipment loans and equipment leases.

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Same Day Funding

Flexible Finance Terms

 Low Monthly Payments


Custom Tailored Financing

New Business Financing

Program Features

Easy to Use  

Centra makes it easy to offer leasing to your customers.  You can offer our financing program by using the following methods:

Online Finance Center

Within minutes, have a link for your website to make purchasing your equipment easy.

Vendor Revenue Programs

Our custom finance programs can provide money back to you on Funded transactions.

Online Finance Center

Provide your customers easy and convenient access to your custom, online application with your logo.  Want to add a quoting calculator?  No problem!  With Centra’s specialized vendor center, you can provide low monthly payments for your customers on every purchase.

Vendor Website Revenue Program

Using our customer online finance center as link in your website will not only offer your customers low monthly payments, but provide a new revenue source for your salesforce.  Establish a revenue program today with your Centra representative and earn a percentage of your equipment cost back when you refer and fund transactions with Centra!

Customer Loyalty

Customers apply within minutes and Centra's industry experts provide low payment options. Our online documents and easy fundings make it simple for customers to buy your equipment.

Same Day Fundings

As a vendor partner, 100% of funds are provided when the customer completes their online documents. No more waiting for extra paperwork and bank verifications.

Private Label Programs

Customize a finance program that works best for you and your customers. Use your logo and materials with our finance capabilities for a completely custom program.

Marketing Support

Website promotions, application links and tradeshow support. Centa provides the materials you need to extend finance programs to all your customers.

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