The 4 Hour Funding Solution Offers Same Day Funding

Centra Funding offers industry-leading funding through its 4 Hour Funding  broker program, featuring the industry’s first true all-electronic funding process.

Now you can apply online, receive a credit approval, and sign your finance contracts right on your cell phone!  Unlike other finance companies, we offer 100% financing (no money needed to start the contract) and your funding occurs minutes after you electronically sign your contracts.  Your equipment supplier can receive their money the same day you apply for credit.  

The 4 Hour Funding Express Process is available for all transactions under $75,000 (amounts over that amount must be funded with standard documentation).  For more information on the 4 Hour Funding Process go to  For more information click the link below, or call a Centra Broker representative today!

Broker Program Information

Broker Representative Contacts

Kennedy Gilbertson

Western U.S. Broker
(888) 779-4629 ext 134 

Alan Justman

Central U.S. Broker
(888) 779-4629 ext 110

Lainie Coeby

Eastern U.S. Broker
(888) 779-4629 ext 118 

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