4 Hour Funding Offers Same-Day Funding

Centra Funding, LLC offers industry-leading funding through its 4 Hour Funding Broker program, featuring the industry’s first true all-electronic funding process.

Now you can apply online, receive credit approval, and sign your finance contracts right on your cell phone! Unlike other finance companies, we offer 100% financing (no money needed to start the contract) and your funding occurs minutes after you electronically sign your contracts. Your equipment supplier/vendor can receive their money the same day you apply for credit.  

The 4 Hour Funding process is available for all transactions under $75,000 (amounts over that amount must be funded with standard documentation).  For more information on the 4 Hour Funding Process go to 4hourfunding.com.  For more information click the link below, or call a 4 Hour Funding Broker Relations Representative today!

Broker Program Information

Broker Relations Contacts

Kennedy Gilbertson

VP of Broker Relations, West
(888) 779-4629 ext 134

Alan Justman

VP of Broker Relations, Central
(888) 779-4629 ext 110

Tom Haflett

VP of Broker Relations, East
(888) 779-4629 ext 118

Thomas Mills

Broker Relations Associate
(888) 779-4629 ext 117

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