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Experienced Financing/Leasing Professionals – If you are an experienced financing/leasing professional and looking to further your career, explore the advantages of joining the Centra Funding Team by applying to become a representative!

As a Nationwide lender, we consider candidates throughout the United States. Becoming a Centra Funding Sales Representative can substantially increase your current income. Contact us today and discover how we are changing the way leasing professionals are expanding their potential and empowering their customers and business connections.

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Centra Funding Representative Advantages

Extremely High Commission Payout 

Centra offers some of the highest sales pay in the industry. As a direct lender, we give the commissions back to the sales representatives.

True Vendor Programs

Significant vendor programs can be created when you have access to an internal credit facility. Customize programs for your vendors and exceed your sales expectations.

Credit Services

Direct lending capability allows representatives to create  custom finance programs around their customers. 0% down, deferred payment and creative approvals enhance the ability to close more business.

Access to more Funding Capabilities

Most small leasing firms  have limited funding sources.  Centra Funding is fully self-funded and has access to an extremely large amount of banks lines!

No Investment in Office Systems

Centra provides state of the art technology and lease software, toll free line and fax numbers, email services, website and online lease application services.

Out of Office Assistance

Do you want to go on vacation?  Centra offers a vacation service that allows you to forward your local office calls to a Centra Rep in our main office who can handle quotes, applications, and fundings for you while you are on vacation.


Centra has some of the most experienced credit staff in the industry.  Our credit personnel averages over 15 years experience in the industry.

Data Services

Many leasing professionals, because of cost, do not subscribe to many information sources.  We have access to additional data sources such as Paynet, D&B, LeasePolice.com, UCC filings and other information sites that can help us approve more applications file.

And Much More

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