Are you a current customer affected by the Coronavirus?

Centra Funding recognizes that our customers are small businesses that have been hit hard by the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), and we want to be in close touch and work with you during this unsettled time.

Centra Funding’s Coronoavirus Deferment Program is aimed to help customers affected by the Coronavirus shutdowns, but similar to any loan refinancing, you must submit information to Centra to qualify for this program. 

In order to qualify for this program, your company must demonstrate:

  1. That your company must have been impacted over 35% in revenues since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) event.
  2. You have provided the last 2 complete month banking statements for your company (include all bank accounts).
  3. You have provided, “up to the day” snapshot of your company bank account.  This involves logging on to your banking portal and printing out the complete activity so far this month.
  4. Provide the last 2 months  complete banking statements for the business owner/guarantor.

To complete a Deferment Request due to Coronavirus, please complete the form below by clicking apply now with the above information and send it to

For customer service only calls, contact (866) 851-8804

Apply for Coronavirus Deferment