How Much Are Your Contacts Worth?

Every individual over their lifetime has amassed a large collections of friends, relatives and former colleagues.  These personal contacts have value that most people underestimate.  The average person’s cell phone has over 70 contacts.  Add close relatives and the average person knows over 100 people very well!  Now ask yourself how many of these individuals sell equipment of any type?  If your answer is one or more, you could have what it takes to be instantly successful in the equipment finance industry.  Best of all, you are not even selling anything to your contact! You are just asking to provide a service for their customers – offering credit.

Centra Funding, LLC offers a wide array of equipment financing programs for vendors and suppliers of commercial and consumer equipment. Our financing programs help increase the sales of equipment vendors by allow them to offer financing terms to their customers.  We pay 100% of a customer’s invoice directly to the vendor, and the customer is then set up on monthly payment terms.  The vendor gets 100% of their money up front and has no credit risk.  Here is how a typical transaction works:

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Basic Work Flow Of Equipment Financing

The average small equipment vendor or distributor may sell $5 million in equipment per year.  Sales by credit should account for at least 25% of this yearly total or $1.25 million per year!  Unlike many industries, a new financ e representative with just one good equipment vendor can have a steady stream of new customers that gives you an instant head start. Because Centra provides all the necessary funds, technical support, sales literature, and sales support you can concentrate just on maintaining and developing customer relations. Centra's "Online Finance Center Program" creates custom "Online Finance Centers" for equipment vendor's website's.  These finance centers provide online payment quotations, valuable financing information, and the ability to apply online for credit.  The "Online Finance Center Program" creates an efficient platform for customers, vendors and greatly improves the speed of the financing volume. If you feel you have an excellent personal contact that sells equipment, Centra encourages you to fill out the sales application below and start your career with Centra Leasing, Inc.  New representatives can apply for staffing at our main

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